Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Following is the Chinese translation of a previously published blog:

包括德州总检察长在内的17个州日前在位于德州Brownsville的联邦地区法院提起诉讼, 请求判决奥巴马政府“暂缓遣返”程序违宪,并请求法院发出禁止令。信息来源



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The Texas Attorney General was joined by 16 other States in asking a Federal District Court in Brownsville, Texas to strike down as unconstitutional the Obama Administration’s Deferred Action program.
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奥巴马总统访华期间宣布了中国公民将有资格申请有效期为10年的赴美旅游签证。这使得一些国人认为,如果拿到了10年有效签证,通过EB-5获得美国永久居留权将变得不重要。这种理解存在许多误区。首先,虽然中国公民个人有资格申请有效期10年的旅游签证,但并不代表批准的签证就是为期10年。领馆或许仍会选择发放有效期为1年的签证。其次,持旅游签证在美国境内的逗留时间仍为6个月。再次,旅游签证仅限于持签证者在美国旅游,而不能在美国学习或永久生活。所以,如果个人仍希望在美学习或生活,还是要申请EB-5类型签证。接下来,我们讨论奥巴马总统最近在移民改革问题上的行政决定。Continue Reading 奥巴马总统近期移民政策对EB-5投资移民的影响

President Obama recently announced proposed changes in immigration policies that impact immigration, with many that may specifically influence the EB-5 Program. The purpose of this article is to outline the measures that could impact EB-5.

On the President’s trip to China he announced that Chinese nationals would be eligible to apply for a 10-year tourist visa. This has caused some Chinese to think that there is no reason to apply for residency via EB-5. This reasoning is incorrect for a few reasons. First, while the individual is eligible to receive a visa for 10 years, it does not mean that the person will receive a visa for 10 years. The consulate may choose to issue it for one year. Second, an entry on a tourist visa is for six months. And, third – most importantly – a tourist visa allows a person to vacation in the United States. That person cannot study or reside permanently in the United States. Thus, the EB-5 classification should still be pursued if an individual desires to reside or study in the United States. Next we move to the most recent Executive Action on Immigration by the President.Continue Reading President Obama’s Recent Immigration Polices and EB-5 Impact

Following is a Chinese version of a previously published blog:

2014年11月20日,奥巴马总统发表了社会各界期待已久的移民改革“行政决定”。事项总汇 我们也会持续更新有关信息。奥巴马总统在去年已经表示此行政决定将延迟到中期选举之后。尽管参众两院的共和党领袖对此举措表示强烈反对,并声称奥巴马总统的行为滥用权力且无法律依据,但是,总统行政决定中的计划将通过政策规定的更新、改变和调整而立即实施。决定反对者已经表示将通过诉诸法律程序,削减经费来源以及其他政治途径来阻止决定的执行。我们会继续跟进相关发展和变化。Continue Reading 中文版本: President’s Executive Action on Immigration – Content and Preliminary Analysis of What it Means for Businesses and Compliance

On November 20, 2014, President Obama released the long-anticipated “Executive Action” on immigration reform. See herehere and here. We will also post additional materials made available. Late
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