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The F-1 student visa is a nonimmigrant visa issued to foreign nationals with intent to reside in the United States only temporarily pursuant to their studies.   Generally, the student must have a residence abroad that they have no intention of abandoning.  The filing of an I-526 Petition, however, reflects a foreign national’s intent to immigrate… Continue Reading

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The crux of an I-526 Petition is proving the lawful source of funds for an investor. Generally, applicants from across the globe are able to fund their investment via a wire transfer through their banking institution to the designated escrow account for the selected EB-5 project without incident.  While escrow is not a legal requirement,… Continue Reading

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昨天美国国会通过了联邦政府预算临时拨款议案,其中包括对EB-5区域中心计划短期延续至2015年12月11日。我们在9月14日曾写过对EB-5区域中心项目重新授权的前景预测。点击查看文章详情 今天国会通过的持续决议(continuing resolution)包含EB-5项目, 也同时包含E-Verify, the Conrad-30 Waiver项目,和非神职宗教工作者 (Non-Minister Religious Worker) 签证项目。这项持续决议将会暂时延续上述四项项目至2015年12月11日。议案113章规定了拨款时限,113章明确写出延续EB-5项目。 近几个月来,许多人都为EB-5区域中心去留问题颇感担忧。因为国会准备对EB-5进行改革,所以9月30日成为了一个通过区域中心投资移民申请者递交文件的硬性截止日期。因为复杂的立法过程可变因素很多,I-526投资者申请和范例申请(exemplar petition)一样,加速赶在9月30日“过期”前递交材料,也是合理的考虑。 但EB-5利益相关者目前需要考虑的一个重要问题是,为什么9月30日之前被定为截止日期。比如,国会从未就是否“让区域中心过期而不再授权”这个可能性有过任何正式讨论。从国会立法者提出的议案来看,EB-5区域中心最终会进行改革。在接下来的几个月中,利益相关者需要用这个机会,对于如何能使改革有效进行,以何种方式支持就业岗位创造,及哪些产业将会加入等问题,进行意见交流。 现在国会已经明确暂时延续EB-5项目至12月初,我们仅希望实质性改革和合理的过渡日期尽快相继出台。这样能使投资者、区域中心和通过投资创造就业岗位的项目能够在可预料 、稳定的情况下顺利进行。  

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Today the U.S. Congress passed a government funding bill containing a short-term extension of the EB-5 Regional Center Program through December 11, 2015.  We wrote previously about the EB-5 Regional Center Program’s prospects for reauthorization in a post on September 14.  The bill, known as a continuing resolution, contains an extension for the EB-5 Program along with extensions… Continue Reading

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Following is the Chinese translation of a previously published blog post: 鉴于EB-5签证排期倒退迫近,现在就优先日期以及I-526申请批准书上涉及的有关内容做些基本介绍,正是一个合适的时机。美国联邦法律规定,每个财政年度EB-5签证的可用额度上限为10,000 名额. EB-5投资人提交I-526申请后,其I-526申请被美国移民局(USCIS)接收的日期,视为EB-5投资人的“优先日期”。排期倒退是指,签证额度达到上限后,美国国务院(DOS)必须根据过去的优先日期,给签证申请人划定一个截止日期,从而产生的时间滞期。打个形象的比方,EB-5签证好比是排队,EB-5投资人的优先日期就是其在长队中的位置。

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With retrogression looming, it is a good time for a quick primer on priority dates and the information contained on an I-526 petition approval. U.S. federal law caps the number of EB-5 visas that are available each fiscal year at 10,000. When an EB-5 investor files an I-526 Petition, the day his or her I-526… Continue Reading

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The U.S. State Department (the “State Department”) issued good news for Chinese EB-5 investors today. The October 2014 Visa Bulletin reflected the EB-5 visa is current for mainland-born Chinese EB-5 investors. As we noted in August, the State Department made an announcement that as of August 23, 2014, EB-5 immigrant visa numbers for Chinese nationals… Continue Reading