This blog post provides stakeholders with a filing tip regarding Form I-526E, Immigrant Petition by Regional Center Investor. When filing Form I-526E, if the applicant has an existing My USCIS account number, it should be included in the I-526E application in order to check its status. USCIS’s systems may not be able to connect the I-526E to an existing account unless that number is included in the I-526E filing.

A notification stating that “Your case has been linked to another account” means the USCIS online account number was not provided in the application submitted. If this number is not included in the application, the system will assume there is no online account available, and it will send the applicant an online access code. Note, however, that a new code cannot be recreated to replace the one received to associate the application to your existing account. In such situations, an applicant may need to create a new USCIS online account, using a different email, to be able to follow the status of the application.