USCIS released a new version of I-526 form on its website on April 23, 2019. Starting June 25, 2019, USCIS will only accept the new version Form I-526 (edition 04/15/19). Until then, investors can use the 05/30/2017 edition. Both editions of Form I-526 are available to download on the USCIS website. There are no substantial changes as compared to the update from the 12/23/16 edition to 04/10/17 edition. The 4/15/19 edition is more or less identical in content compared with the 05/30/17 edition. Investors need to fill out the employment and physical address history for the last five years. Investors who are going to file the petition in June or later should pay special attention to the form edition to avoid rejection of their petitions. The edition information for the form can be found at the bottom left corner of each page. (See Below)

Please note that USCIS has been very strict with information consistency; as such, when filling in the employment and physical address history information, investors should make sure the information they enter matches the DS160 records, if they have ever applied for a nonimmigrant visa to the United States, as inconsistent information may result in an RFE or NOID on their I-526 petitions.

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