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The July 2019 Visa Bulletin has been released, and it confirms retrogression for the EB-5 visa category for nationals of India, earlier than many in the industry had anticipated. As of July 1, 2019, only approved Indian EB-5 investors whose EB-5 petitions (I-526 forms) were filed earlier than May 1, 2017, will be able to proceed… Continue Reading

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The U.S. State Department has released its monthly Visa Bulletin for the month of May 2018.  Notably, the priority dates for the Regional Center EB-5 category for nationals of Vietnam have become subject to retrogression.  As of May 1, 2018, only those approved Vietnamese EB-5 investors under the Regional Center Pilot Program whose EB-5 petitions… Continue Reading

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As you may know, the EB-5 immigrant visa category is expected to retrogress for Vietnam this year.  Below is a guide to frequently asked questions pertaining to the announcement of retrogression. 1. Is there a mechanism by which my child or children may continue to be eligible for immigrant visas as my dependents based on… Continue Reading

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Each month, the Department of State (DOS) issues a visa bulletin which contains information regarding the availability of immigrant visas. The availability of immigrant visas is subject to numerical caps imposed by Congress, which limit how many foreign nationals may obtain immigrant visas each year. In the employment-based green card category Congress allots 140,000 immigrant… Continue Reading

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自2015年4月22日起,由于受排期的影响,国家签证中心和广州领事馆开始取消已经预约的移民签证面试。这大大区别于以往的做法。在过去如果获得了预约面试就会被分配一个移民签证号,因此便不会受排期的影响。近期获得移民签证预约面试的申请人应该及时联系律师和法律代表,以证实预约的面试是否被取消。 收到了面试取消通知的申请人会受到排期的影响。如果预约面试被取消,那么申请人需要每个月到此网站website查看签证公告来确认他们的优先日是否有效。一旦优先日生效,他们可重新申请EB-5移民签证。请点击此处here查看优先日。此外,国务院网站有一个优先日查询“Priority Date Checker”专栏,只要输入信息就可以自动查询相应的截止日期。详细英文信息点击此住here。 详细中文信息点击此处here。 对于那些没有子女超龄风险的申请人,取消已预约的签证面试并不会对副申请人产生负面影响。任何已经递交DS-260,或者已经支付签证费的副申请人会受到《儿童状态保护法案》的保护。详情请参见签证办公室公布的信息清单information。 此外,我们开始收到EB-5社区发来的通知。通知上说国家签证中心的预约面试通知并未及时寄出,因此导致一些申请人错过了面试。由于国家签证中心在过去九个月中工作并非十分高效,发生这种情况并不奇怪。请到我们的博客了解最新消息。

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Effective today, April 22, 2015, the National Visa Center (NVC) in concert with the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou has begun issuing cancellation notices to individuals with scheduled immigrant visa interviews due to retrogression. This is a departure from the prior practice whereby individuals with scheduled immigrant visa interviews would have already been allocated an immigrant… Continue Reading

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Following is the Chinese translation of a previously published blog post: 鉴于EB-5签证排期倒退迫近,现在就优先日期以及I-526申请批准书上涉及的有关内容做些基本介绍,正是一个合适的时机。美国联邦法律规定,每个财政年度EB-5签证的可用额度上限为10,000 名额. EB-5投资人提交I-526申请后,其I-526申请被美国移民局(USCIS)接收的日期,视为EB-5投资人的“优先日期”。排期倒退是指,签证额度达到上限后,美国国务院(DOS)必须根据过去的优先日期,给签证申请人划定一个截止日期,从而产生的时间滞期。打个形象的比方,EB-5签证好比是排队,EB-5投资人的优先日期就是其在长队中的位置。

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With retrogression looming, it is a good time for a quick primer on priority dates and the information contained on an I-526 petition approval. U.S. federal law caps the number of EB-5 visas that are available each fiscal year at 10,000. When an EB-5 investor files an I-526 Petition, the day his or her I-526… Continue Reading

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The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is reporting to members that on Monday April 21, 2014 Mr. Charlie Oppenheim of the Department of State’s Visa Office (VO) spoke to AILA members Roberta Freedman and Michael Nowlan regarding what the Visa Office is predicting for visa demand and what might be expected in terms of Visa… Continue Reading

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The State Department issued EB-5 visa availability projections in their March 2014 Visa Bulletin which did not contain any mentions of retrogression of the EB-5 visa category. The EB-5 visa category is listed as “Current” under section E “Visa Availability in the Coming Months” without any mention of a possible cut-off date being established. This… Continue Reading

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As we reported in December, the increased demand in the EB-5 immigrant investor visa category will most likely result in visa retrogression for Chinese born EB-5 investors in the Spring of 2013. Some have reported that this type of retrogression will mean that EB-5 applications for Chinese investors will come to a standstill. This is not only false, but legally inaccurate. I-526 applications for Chinese nationals will still be processed by the USCIS. They will be assigned a priority date, and will need to wait until that priority is available before actually obtaining the conditional residence.

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According to the December 2012 Visa Bulletin issued by the U.S. Department of State due to increased demand in the EB-5 immigrant investor visa category visa retrogression for Chinese born EB-5 investors will likely occur as early as June 2013.   What is Retrogression?  The Immigration and Nationality Act limits the number of green cards issued annually within… Continue Reading