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On September 22, 2016, USCIS determined that for October 2016, Adjustment of Status applicants in family-based and employment-based categories will be able to utilize the Dates of Filing Visa Applications chart (otherwise known as Chart B) of the monthly State Department Visa Bulletin, with the exception of several employment-based categories.  USCIS instructed that those applying for… Continue Reading

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On Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016, the Senate Majority Leader filed legislation to fund the Federal Government through Dec. 9.  In addition to continuing the government’s funding into December, the bill contains a “clean” extension for the EB-5 Regional Center Program through Dec. 9, 2016, with no changes to the current law other than the date… Continue Reading

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In October 2015 the Department of State (DOS) visa bulletin saw significant revisions with the addition of a second chart entitled “Dates for Filing.”   The new chart was met with much excitement from foreign nationals who continue to experience significant retrogression as it provided earlier filing dates for adjustment of status applications.  These applications carry… Continue Reading

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This week, the Department of State released the Visa Bulletin for September 2016. Given that visa numbers are issued based on the government fiscal year, we expect to see significant movement again in October 2016; for September 2016, the last month of FY2016, there were only minor changes with regard to movement of final action… Continue Reading

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Greenberg Traurig attorneys, Kate Kalmykov and Nataliya Rymer, recently presented at the 2016 CIAD Conference hosted at the New School in New York City.  Attended by representatives including ISOs and DSOs from over 25 educational institutions across the East Coast, this two day event provided insight on career issues in arts and design.  Kalmykov and… Continue Reading

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Last week, the House Judiciary Committee considered H.R.5203, the Visa Integrity and Security Act of 2016, which was introduced May 12, 2016, by Representative Randy Forbes of Virginia. The bill’s purpose, as reported last week in a section-by-section breakdown is to enhance security procedures for the processing of both immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. The bill… Continue Reading

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美国时间2015年12月15日,即12月16日EB-5临时法案过期的前一天,国会参众两院领导建议EB-5项目法案获延期到2016年9月30日。延期的细节内容将会涵盖在预计星期五通过的多项法案议案中。这个“无条件延期”意味着EB-5项目法案将无改变,包括最低投资数额,对目标就业区的定义等等。移民局也会继续接收并处理所有I-924,I-526和I-829的申请递交,直到新的改革议案获得通过,或到2016年9月30日项目法案过期日为止。 拥有EB-5业界重量级成员支持的EB-5投资联盟(The EB-5 Investment Coalition)一直在为倡导EB-5项目孜孜不倦地努力着,并致力推荐更有利于EB-5业界的改革措施。在过去的几年中,议员们向参众两院提出过五项改革EB-5项目的法案,对于如何改革和改进EB-5项目各方面都有不同呼声。当EB-5项目在2015年9月30日面临过期时,政府财政拨款的 “临时决议”使得EB-5得到延期至2015年12月11日。在2015年11月,参众两院委员会讨论拓展国会在2015年6月出台的S.1501法案的稿件在EB-5业界广泛传送。EB-5业界成员,包括EB-5投资联盟成员,对讨论中的稿件进行了反馈和评论,意在倡导整体性和加强执行措施的同时使EB-5项目法案能够继续运行。在EB-5投资联盟和其成员——包括地产圆桌论坛(Real Estate Roundtable)和美国商会(Chamber of Commerce) 的不懈努力下,虽然有广泛的谈判并对重要改动达成了一致意见,但仍需要进行许多改变使法案继续运转。非常清楚的一点是,在讨论中的稿件需要更进一步的磋商、意见建议和更深入的学习,EB-5投资联盟及其成员意识到法案在各方面都需要进一步工作,所以向参众两院发出了信函,要求对EB-5项目法案完整延期一年。 在12月16日截止日期临近时,参众两院领导人倾听到EB-5业界的呼声,也意识到法案需要更进一步工作,由此,EB-5项目法案和其它面临过期的移民项目法案(R-1宗教工作人士签证,J-1类医疗工作者康拉德30计划,和E-Verify项目法案)将会在多项议题决议案中获得延期至2016年9月30日。 EB-5投资联盟成员Laura Foote Reiff女士和Jeff Campion先生认可国会领导者孜孜不倦的工作成果:我们感谢在国会的捍卫者们;参议院和众议院的领导者、参议院和众议院法律委员会的主席和主要成员们。我们特别向确保我们的声音被倾听的参议员Cornyn, Flake, 和Schumer,以及众议员Pete Sessions致以谢意”。 接下来的10个月中对EB-5业界的成员至关重要,我们需要和国会紧密工作,以确保有意义的改革获得实施,从而保障所有利益相关者。EB-5投资联盟也将会继续和其成员一起努力确保所有权益得到体现。

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Immigrant entrepreneurs and investors have always been at the core of the American economy.  Immigrant-founded companies have generated billions of dollars in revenues and contributed intellectual property leading to significant socio-economic advancements within the United States.  Foreign-born entrepreneurs are a critical component to the advancement of the U.S. emerging technology space and it is important… Continue Reading

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Myth 1:  Buy a Green Card – The EB-5 program was established to help high-net-worth individuals buy a green card. Fact:  The EB-5 program is a highly regulated employment-based permanent residence application that takes years to complete.  The initial application requires detailed proof of investment in a qualified project.  It also requires evidence of an… Continue Reading