The Department of State (DOS) has released its March 2020 Visa Bulletin, which shows significant advancement in most employment-based (EB) categories, particularly the EB-5 category.

根据国务院(DOS)最新发布的2020年3月签证排期表(Visa Bulletin),大多数职业类别的移民排期有大幅进展,尤其是EB-5投资移民类别。

Specifically for EB-5, the priority dates per Chart A Final Action Dates will remain current for investors born in all countries except China, India, and Vietnam. The final action cutoff date for China will advance by almost six months to May 15, 2015. Likewise, the final action cutoff date for India will advance more than seven weeks to Oct. 22, 2019; and the final action cutoff date for Vietnam will advance by one month to Jan. 15, 2017.


Furthermore, USCIS announced that applicants will be able to use Chart B for filing adjustment of status applications. Chart B Dates for Filing will remain current for all countries other than mainland China. The Chart B cutoff date for Mainland China will move up seven months to Dec. 15, 2015, for the month of March. As such, Mainland China-born investors with priority dates earlier than Dec. 15, 2015, who are in the United States in valid visa status will be able to file adjustment of status applications, and the National Visa Center will be able to initiate the immigrant visa process for those investors with the same priority dates who reside abroad.

此外,美国移民局2月19日宣布,申请人将可以根据递交申请日(表B)在美国递交I-485申请调整身份。对于在中国大陆以外的所有国家/地区出生的申请人,表B目前仍然没有排期。对中国大陆出生的申请人,表B的优先日截止日期将在3月份前进7个月,直到2015年12月15日。因此,满足(1)目前在美国具有合法身份 (2)优先日早于2015年12月15日这两个条件的中国大陆出生的投资者将能够在3月递交I-485身份调整申请. 与此同时,对于优先日早于2015年12月15日, 但居住在国外的投资人,国家签证中心将会开始启动投资人的移民签证程序.

As a reminder, the scheduling of immigrant visa interviews and forwarding of files to the U.S. Consular Post in Guangzhou, China, are subject to delays. This is because all regular operations were ceased at the U.S. Consular Posts in China due to health concerns associated with COVID-19.


In addressing the significant movement forward of the cutoff dates for Mainland China-born EB-5 investors, the State Department explained that, to date, there has not been a lot of applicants seeking to obtain conditional permanent residence. Therefore, the State Department made the decision to advance cutoff dates, particularly for EB-5 investors born in Mainland China, in order to utilize fully the amount of green cards available. The State Department warned, however, that it is possible for the cutoff dates to retrogress in the coming months.


Please contact your GT attorney with any questions regarding the March 2020 Visa Bulletin or your eligibility for green card processing.