The relatively smooth legislative waters of the U.S. Senate, which allowed for a six-week Continuing Resolution (CR) to pass on Dec. 19, ran into choppy seas in the House of Representatives. The Senate’s lack of funding for border security and the wall caused some factions in the president’s House majority party to rise and oppose the Senate bill. Throughout Thursday there were meetings, statements, and legislative activity. The result was a 59-page Continuing Resolution incorporating the Senate’s nine-page CR, with additional text providing for $7 billion in disaster funding in a new House CR, RULES COMMITTEE PRINT 115–88 TEXT OF THE HOUSE AMENDMENT TO THE SENATE AMENDMENT TO H.R. 695.

On Dec. 20, the House approved its CR version by a vote of 217-185. The measure now returns to the Senate for consideration. The current CR expires Dec. 21 at 11:59:59 p.m. We will continue to monitor this quickly moving situation.