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After extended debate, the U.S. Senate set-aside the House-passed Continuing Resolution (CR) and negotiated and passed a CR funding government and programs, including EB-5, until March 23, coupled with a sweeping 2-year budget agreement for FY 18 and FY 19.  The extended debate exceeded the previous CR time extension of midnight Feb. 8, which resulted in a lapse of Appropriations or government shut-down.

The Senate voted 71-28 early Friday morning to approve the budget agreement and the House followed several hours thereafter approving the agreement 240-186. The president signed the agreement into law after an 8-hour lapse in Appropriations.

This agreement will jump-start current-year Appropriations negotiations during the 6-week CR period and provide Congress the guidance to have regular order in the Appropriations process for FY 2019.

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