Behind nearly every restaurant transaction is a myriad of complex and nuanced issues that warrant skilled and experienced navigation. On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, Greenberg Traurig Restaurant Industry Group attorneys Riley Lagesen, Landes Taylor, and Kelsey Lam, joined by CFO of Hai Hospitality Brian Morrow, will discuss considerations for ensuring your business is deal-ready.

Topics include:

  • Structure: Is your business structured to transact (or is a pre-transaction restructuring required)?
  • Investor relations: Importance of clear communication and building consensus with your management team and investors.
  • Valuation, securities structure, and other critical terms: What is “market” and what is the importance of transactional context?
  • Third party and regulatory issues: Addressing issues upfront to avoid delay and surprise.
  • Capitalization chart management: Including a hands-on demonstration of valuation/waterfall scenarios in Excel.

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