While the ballots cast in the 2022 Midterm Election are still being counted, it appears that Republicans will assume a slim majority in the House and there will be a similarly narrow split in Senate, well short of the 60-vote threshold required to pass most legislation.

It may be weeks until the final results are determined, but the narrow margins in both chambers will require developing bipartisan consensus to pass legislation, including funding the government and authorizing defense programs. While we should still expect to see a partisan divide, over the past two years we have seen Congress work together to pass a number of significant bipartisan bills, and legislators will need to continue to find ways to collaborate with each other in order to govern.

Our report below provides an outline of the many issues that will be debated after the 118th Congress is sworn in next year.

2022 Midterm Election Policy PaperBudget & AppropriationsEnvironmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)Immigration
Lame Duck PrioritiesCryptocurrencyFARA ReformTax
Agriculture and Food PolicyDefense & Foreign PolicyGovernment InvestigationsTrade
Antitrust, Privacy and TechnologyEnergy and EnvironmentHealth CareTransportation and Infrastructure