On Jan. 13, 2015, USCIS established a webpage which lists the EB-5 regional centers which have had their designations terminated. The full webpage can be accessed here. This is a strong and important step from USCIS to help eradicate fraud and abuse in the EB-5 regional center program, as well as to terminate regional centers that are not active. A snapshot of the list dated Jan. 13, 2015 is below.

List of EB-5 Terminated Regional Centers

Regional Center Name Termination Date


Invest US Regional Center 9/29/2014 Wyoming
Gateway Georgia Regional Center 9/29/2014 Georgia
South West Bio Fuel RC LLC 9/29/2014 Texas
South Florida EB-5 Regional Center 8/15/2014 Florida
Michigan Renaissance Regional Center 8/15/2014 Michigan
Kansas BioFuel Regional Center LLC 8/15/2014 Kansas
Ecorntech Regional Center 8/15/2014 Wisconsin
Michigan Renaissance Regional Center 8/15/2014 Michigan
Lake Buena Vista RC 7/2/2014 Florida
USA Now Regional Center 3/28/2014 Texas
North Carolina Center for Foreign Investments, LLC 12/3/2013 North Carolina
Intercontinental Regional Center Trust of Chicago 3/23/2013 Illinois
Mamtek Regional Center 4/11/2012 Missouri
El Monte Regional Center 9/19/2011 California
Victorville RC 10/20/2010 California
Unibex Global Corporation 5/30/2008 Texas