December 2014

Earlier this month, attorneys in Greenberg Traurig’s multi-disciplinary EB-5 group held an “EB-5: Green Card Through Investment” seminar in Miami, Florida, for Venezuelan investors interested in utilizing the EB-5 Program.
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Greenberg Traurig EB-5 attorney Kate Kalmykov recently appeared on The Stoler Report with several EB-5 industry members to discuss the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. The Stoler Report-New York’s Business Report
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Following is the Chinese translation of a previously published blog:

包括德州总检察长在内的17个州日前在位于德州Brownsville的联邦地区法院提起诉讼, 请求判决奥巴马政府“暂缓遣返”程序违宪,并请求法院发出禁止令。信息来源



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The Texas Attorney General was joined by 16 other States in asking a Federal District Court in Brownsville, Texas to strike down as unconstitutional the Obama Administration’s Deferred Action program.
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President Obama recently announced proposed changes in immigration policies that impact immigration, with many that may specifically influence the EB-5 Program. The purpose of this article is to outline the measures that could impact EB-5.

On the President’s trip to China he announced that Chinese nationals would be eligible to apply for a 10-year tourist visa. This has caused some Chinese to think that there is no reason to apply for residency via EB-5. This reasoning is incorrect for a few reasons. First, while the individual is eligible to receive a visa for 10 years, it does not mean that the person will receive a visa for 10 years. The consulate may choose to issue it for one year. Second, an entry on a tourist visa is for six months. And, third – most importantly – a tourist visa allows a person to vacation in the United States. That person cannot study or reside permanently in the United States. Thus, the EB-5 classification should still be pursued if an individual desires to reside or study in the United States. Next we move to the most recent Executive Action on Immigration by the President.

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