October 2014

Ali Brodie is pictured speaking about using the EB-5 program as a tool for franchise network expansion.

Last week, Greenberg Traurig EB-5 attorney Ali Brodie and Franchise attorney David Oppenheimspoke at the West Coast Franchise Expo in Anaheim, Calif.

Ali provided a seminar on EB-5 as a tool for franchise network expansion. She discussed how the EB-5 program affords unique opportunities for franchise companies to raise capital and expand their franchise networks by working with EB-5 investors.

David provided a seminar on structuring for franchise network expansion. He explored common expansion models used for both domestic and international growth, with a discussion on the legal considerations for choosing one structure over another.

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The Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division of the U.S. Department of State, Charles Oppenheim, reported that the EB-5 immigrant visa category would likely retrogress in July 2015. However, this does contradict his prediction provided to AILA earlier last week of retrogression occurring in May 2015. What is striking about Oppenheim’s announcement was that retrogression of the EB-5 immigrant visa category would cause him to establish a cut-off date of July 2013. A cut-off date has the effect of establishing an orderly line for the issuance of EB-5 immigrant visas. The cut-off date is determined based on the date an I-526 Petition was filed and is the date included on each I-526 Petition approval notice in the “Priority Date” box. For example, if a cut-off date of July 2013 is established in July 2015, during the month of July 2015, only those EB-5 investors (and their derivative beneficiaries) with a Priority Date in July 2013 or earlier (i.e. June 2013, May 2013, etc.) may apply for an EB-5 immigrant visa.

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From left are Greenberg Traurig Attorney Kate Kalmykov, Bank of China Chairman Tian Guoli and Greenberg Traurig Attorney Laura Reiff.

Last week, Greenberg Traurig EB-5 attorneys Kate Kalmykov and Laura Reiff attended the China-U.S. Economic and Investment 2014 Annual Gala Dialogue hosted by the China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC). CGCC is one of the largest nonprofit organizations representing Chinese enterprises in the United States. The gala served as a platform to enhance economic and business cooperation for both Chinese and U.S. enterprises through the exploration of the new collaborative model of Chinese-U.S. relations. Guests included business executives and elected officials from both China and the United States.
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